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Sensis® Data Solutions

Success in today’s business environment relies more than ever on access to quality data.

Our ability to acquire, manage and use data well can often be the defining point between great and so-so business operations and customer service.

Sensis® Data Solutions (SDS) delivers information and marketing services to government and businesses. Our solutions are based on authoritative data sources such as Sensis’ own White Pages® and Yellow Pages® directories and third party sources such as the:

  • Australia Post Postal Address File;
  • Australia Post National Change of Address;
  • ACMA Do Not Call Register;
  • ADMA Do Not Mail; and
  • ABS Australia and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification.

The solutions we offer help to improve your business performance in multiple ways:

Data quality and enrichment: our Macromatch® data validation services, industry segmentation and geographical data services help you improve the integrity of customer data, improve telemarketing and direct mail success rates and refine your marketing messages.

Directory and verification: service such as the award-winning White Pages® TotalCheck and White Pages® Direct Access help speed up contact data entry and validation while enhancing your customer service experience and increasing productivity.

Location intelligence: BizScope® provides you with a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors and your potential market by mapping their location in relation to your business and to each other. The Whereis® API lets you easily integrate dynamic Whereis® maps into your business applications to make it easier for customers to find you and to help you plan routes and track assets more efficiently.

For more information about Sensis® Data Solutions

The Sensis®  Data Solutions website provides a wealth of information on data products and services.

For information on our solutions, go to:

Data quality and enrichment

Directory and verification

Location intelligence


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